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100% Natural and Premium quality fresh organic Kashmiri Snow White Walnuts

Handpicked directly from Kashmir's pristine hills

Comes in a special Recycle jarJar pack to allow you to see the product's quality and size.




If you enjoy good food, don't miss out on these high-quality Kashmir Snow White Walnuts that are both natural and fresh. This premium quality, ready-to-eat scrumptious dry fruit with distinct taste, flavour, texture, and aroma is grown organically in the soothing environment of pristine geographical regions to retain freshness for a long time.


A diet rich in crunchy, gently tangling walnuts is essential for maintaining good health. They are chock-full of essential nutrients linked to a variety of health benefits. The plant-based omega-3 alpha-linolenic acid or ALA that the human body requires is only found in walnuts. Walnuts can protect you from deadly diseases if you include them in your diet. So, if you want to stay healthy and safe, go ahead and buy these delicious walnuts.

Premium Kashmiri Snow White Walnut M.R.P. -999

PriceFrom ₹749.25
  • It's best to keep it at room temperature. Maintain a safe distance from direct sunlight.

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