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About Us

Because You Deserve A Healthy Life!

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Bioky was born out of sheer love and belonging to mother nature. Inherited from the community of farmers, the makers of Bioky survive by taking inspiration from the simplicity and stillness of the village life culture. As they empower the richness of livelihoods of this community by employment and sustainability, they are all set to share the essence of this joy and happiness with the world by presenting a complete range of handmade skincare and wellness products.


There are abundant skincare and wellness products present in our own soil and culture. It has a huge treasure of health and wellness essentials hidden in her womb. Whether it is about being healthy or having beautiful skin and body, mother earth has everything in the purest form. We are here to uplift the richer side of India with our homegrown brands that are purely organic and created with love and joy. We welcome you to this platform that can give you a one-stop solution to your health and beauty needs. We know you are a health enthusiast and we respect your age and gender. And that is why we present the best and the choicest skincare and wellness products.

Modern Agriculture

No Use of Harmful Chemicals

Who Are We 

We are motivated by ancient insights and the way of practicing sustainable living.

After enduring several hardships to ensure giving the best form of mother nature to our clients, we are getting tremendous response and love from the audience. We are striving to become the best of all.

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Our Story 

We are the sons of the farmers who are motivated by ancient insights and the way of practicing sustainable living. We believe organic farming is not just a kind of farming, but it is a way of life. We are the healthy people thriving to create a healthy planet. We work relentlessly to provide a healthy lifestyle to everyone. Post-pandemic, people are getting health conscious and aware of the goodness of living with nature and eating naturally. They prefer natural substitute ingredients infused with the power of medicinal values in their kitchen recipes. This is the very core of every Indian ancestral lifestyle.

Helping Community

Whenever you buy from us, we are helping you sustain the basic value of living naturally healthy. We care enough to remain positive about climate change as we make skincare and wellness products that are good for the mind and body. Our products are born from indigenous seeds and are made by the tireless hands of our farmer folks. With our products that you buy, you are helping the soil sustain its carbon within itself. We continue to follow the ancient farming practices and handhold our small organic farmers to make the transition to organic farming. Together we are on a mission to make the planet a better place to live in.

Why Bioky Organics?

You will experience the true bliss of Mother Earth.

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With Bioky products, you will experience the true bliss of Mother Earth. Our products are non-toxic, cruelty-free, and eco-friendly. We source them naturally and make batches by hand to keep intact their quality and natural essence. With this, we aim to promote sustainable living and an eco-conscious lifestyle for our customers. Try it one today and set yourself to experience the true bliss of mother nature.

Handmade With Care

We make our products by hand. We find it more natural, beautiful, and artistic. We are proud to work around skillful experts who have got intuition and creative instinct to make fascinating and awesome products. We mix the ingredients by hand and we produce in limited batches to ensure the freshness and quality of the products.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

We use eco-friendly and pollution-free packaging material that keeps the freshness and inherent qualities of the products intact. We believe the journey to live in a pollution-free environment should start from somewhere. We take the initiative to ensure that all the processes ranging from manufacturing to packaging undergo minimum steps and reach you in their purest natural form.

If the product having any issues you can return the product.

Return Policy

Fully organic and fresh products are delivered at door step.

100% Fresh

Our support team is available for take care the customers.

Support 24/7

Fully secured payment methods are used for buying product.

Secured Payment

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