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Ayurveda considers hair and scalp as one of the most important parts of your body that should be given the utmost attention, just like the inner body organs. Kesha hair oil strengthens and revitalizes your hair, fortifies the follicles, and rebuilds your hair growth for strong, lustrous, and long locks. Nourish the hair with Kesha hair oil, which uses natural ingredients like Bhringraj, Haritaki, Amalaki, Bibhitika, Utpal, Amalaki, Sarvia, and Black Til Tel, also known as Nigella or Kalonji.


Kesha Hair Oil is synergistically composed for repairing dry and damaged hair from heat and color treatments while simultaneously keeping away from hair fall, hair loss, and any premature greying. Using this hair oil will help promote long, thick hair. Besides, the aromatic notes of these herbal ingredients will soothe the senses and make your hair feel fresh.


The herbs used in making Kesha hair oil have been widely recognized in the traditional pharmacopeias for effectively promoting hair growth, scalp treatment, and inflammation. Some of the plants possess anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. This oil works wonder in relieving tension alongside promoting cell division and blood circulation in the scalp.


Kesha Hair Oil M.R.P - 279

₹279.00 Regular Price
₹209.25Sale Price
  • ●       100% Organic oil

    ●       Safe for all types of hair

    ●       No Added Color

    ●       Quality and Delivery Assured

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