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Bhringraj or Eclipta alba is a popular herbal plant used in India as an organic hair tonic. It is often the primary ingredient used in most of the Ayurvedic hair oils available. Organic Bhringraj powder is the powder form of this herbal plant that is known for promoting healthy and strong hair. It also works wonders in maintaining your hair's natural shine and color.


Organic Bhringraj powder is a wonderful refreshment for pitta, and it enjoys a special place when it comes to hair and scalp health. Besides, Bhringraj promotes strong and healthy nails, teeth, bones, and a scar-free clear complexion. You can use it to blister memory, calm the mind, and promote healthy ears and eyes. People taking Bhringraj have also highlighted its ability to cleanse the liver and promote lung function.


Bhringraj is rightly termed an 'quintessential ayurvedic herb' you can use to rejuvenate pitta and hair health. Besides, it can also fix a lot of other doshas, provided the dosage of consumption is proper as recommended.

Organic Bhringraj Powder M.R.P. - 206

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