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Bioky Organics Offers Combo - Pure Natural A2 Desi Cow's Ghee - 500ml and 350ml Wild HOney Free.


Our Cow ghee is 100% pure- free from preservatives, salt, and any added colours. Ghee is rich in taste and Natural flavour and is easily recognized by its smell. Mother earth has everything in the purest form. We are here to uplift the richer side of India with our homegrown brand that is purely organic and created with love and joy. We welcome you to our brand that can give you a one-stop solution for your body and mind needs.

Bioky Organics Pure Natural A2 Desi Cow's Ghee -500Ml + Raw Honey 350 Free

₹2,000.00 Regular Price
₹1,700.00Sale Price
    • Desi Cow Ghee promotes digestion and is the best replacement for butter and oil.
    • Cardiovascular patients can start taking ghee and forget the sorrow of butter since the former is very helpful in promoting the health of your arteries.
    • Desi Cow Ghee is your to-go home remedy if you are suffering from bone density-related issues. It works wonders in promoting bone density.
    • Pure Cow Ghee is a good choice for pregnant women as it is loaded with a lot of nutrients essential for the growth of the baby.
    • Desi Ghee is Safe for Heart
    • SOURCED FROM THE WILD: This honey is Sourced from the wild forest in Gujarat. You will notice that the taste, aroma and consistency are different than the regular apiary honey. Our Honey is completely raw and undiluted – in a form that is exactly how nature intended it to be.
    • Raw and Unprocessed - We keep immense care of hygiene and cleanliness while collecting the honey, we traditionally filter the honey at the source which helps us achieve our goal of 100% Raw & Unprocessed Honey

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