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Himalayan Rock Salt Pink, also known as halite is mined mostly in Pakistan-owned Punjab. This salt comes with a pinkish tint due to its rich mineral content and is used primarily as a food ingredient. Besides, Himalayan Rock Salt Pink is also used for food presentation, spa treatments, decorative lamps, and others. 


Himalayan Rock Salt Pink has traces of calcium, zinc, iron, chromium, sulfate, and magnesium, along with sodium chloride content ranging from 99% to 96%. Unlike all other salts, Himalayan Rock salt Pink is good and safe for people prone to hypertension and other ailments and those recommended to stay away from having regular table salt.


Pink Himalayan Rock Salt M.R.P. - 120

₹120.00 Regular Price
₹90.00Sale Price
  • ●   No Added perspective and Colors

    ●   Naturally Mined

    ●   Quality and delivery assured


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