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Ocimum sanctum plant, commonly referred to as Tulasi, is a sacred plant in the Hindu culture and is worshiped by its followers. It is grown in India and often kept in the courtyard of houses as well as temples for the purifying and other beneficial influence it has on its surrounding environment. Organic Tulsi powder is highly beneficial in removing the excess amount of Kapha from the upper respiratory tract and lungs, thus promoting comfortable and clear breathing.


Tulasi is also beneficial in maintaining a healthy body temperature, boosting the immune system, and monitoring heart health. It ensures proper blood circulation in the body along with the proper functioning of the brain cells. Digestive disorders, too, can be cured with the regular intake of Tulsi powder. While it is extremely sattvic in nature, the way it boosts a sense of awareness and aids in mental clarity cannot be overlooked.


Tulasi is a herb that uplifts the aura and brings back your compassion and faith. It is also an amazing potent adaptogen known for its capability to easily assist people in adapting and responding calmly to daily stress and tension. The queen of herbs- Tulasi or Holy Basil has gained immense popularity within the scientific community and the general public worldwide with its array of health benefits, altogether making it something that definitely works for your investment. We must that say that better health is accompanied by every pinch of the organic Tulsi powder.

Organic Tulsi Powder M.R.P. - 230

₹230.00 Regular Price
₹172.50Sale Price

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