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Acacia concinna or Shikakai is a small shrub native to the Asian sub-continent, especially with the most growth and use in India. The Shikakai plant is fast-growing and can be tagged as a bushy cum creeper. It has curvy thorns and is very beneficial for use on human hair and scalp. The pod-like Shikakai fruit is hand-picked, dried, and grounded for use as a hair care product. 

It is a great solution to prevent dandruff, cleanse hair, scalp issues, and itching, strengthen the roots of your hair, and slow down the process of hair aging. All this array of benefits that Shikakai comes with has given it the name 'fruit for hair. 

While there is no mention of the use of Shikakai with conditioner, as Shikakai itself can condition your hair well, you can still opt for one, ensuring that you settle only for an organic conditioner. It won't be wrong to say that Shikakai is an ancient pH-stabilized hair cleanser often used as a herbal shampoo. It can easily detangle your hair and make it shine bright.

Organic Shikakai Powder M.R.P. - 199

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