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Henna is a well-known ingredient used in many hair products and is a prominent natural hair dye used for centuries. Organic henna powder is added to some shampoos to give your hair a reddish tint after washing. The henna plant is native to tropical countries, with India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh being the top 4 production zone and largest consumers of henna products. These countries are more prone to using henna granules and powder for henna tattoos and body art. 

The henna leaves are a part of the family of the Lythraceae herb, which includes various other herbs such as the myrtles and even the pomegranate tree. Interesting to note that the henna plant is also found in the African and Australian countries. Fresh henna leaves are plucked, sun-dried, and ground well to derive the powder form. This powder is then mixed with little water to form a paste and applied directly to the skin or hair. Once dried, the henna paste slowly falls away, leaving a dark-colored stain on the surface where it is used. 

According to the archaeological evidence, the henna powder was initially common in the Mediterranean cultures from Iberia to the Levant for thousands of years. Of all the Abrahamic faiths, Diwali, Eid, Pesach, and Purun are celebrated with a beautiful application of henna art on the palms, feet, and hair. Many Northern African countries are trying to make the organic henna industry popular with organic henna tattoos. While no such side effects from the use of henna powder are reported, it is advisable to refrain from using any pre-mixed henna powder as they are likely to come with added chemicals and adulterants likely to give rise to skin rashes. Henna is rich in vitamin E, playing a major role in softening your hair. It also contains antioxidants and proteins, both of which are important in promoting the health of your skin and hair.

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