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Known as Amlaki in the field of Indian Ayurvedic medicine, Amla is a bright green small fruit characterized by its sour taste. Amla tree is native to India, and its fruits have been used to treat various health concerns since ancient times. Interestingly, Amla is typically used as an effective tridoshic tonic herb, which maintains your heart health and blood circulation and is a powerhouse of vitamin C.

Organic amla powder is added quite often to herbal formulations, capsules, and extracts. This small sour ball-like fruit is greenish-yellow in color with a high fibrous texture inside. Amla is usually harvested in the months of autumn, mostly manually. Besides its sour and astringent taste, Amla features a good refreshing smell. According to Hinduism, the amla tree is considered next to Goddess Lakshmi. It has an amazing healing effect on your pitta dosha and is high in tannin content, which is why it finds use as a reliable fixative for the dyes you get in the market.

Organic Amla Powder M.R.P. - 189

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