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Natural Lemon Peel Powder is obtained from citrus lemon, which is usually cultivated in warmer climates all around the globe. It is an amazing source of Potassium, Vitamin A, and Calcium. Though organic lemon peel does not have its own taste, it is most frequently used in medical preparations. Not to be overlooked, lemon peel is a good source of ascorbic acid, phosphorous, hesperidin, and volatile oil.


The lemon's outer skin or peel is essentially the fruit's only yellow, vibrant part. This is why the natural lemon peep powder features a yellowish-off white color with a touch of bright yellow. The powder smells like lemon and is very useful for flavoring your dishes. Whole lemon peel powder comes with a sour-bitter taste and is highly nutrient-enriched. Whether you are preparing a sweet lemonade, lemon tart, or a lemon face pack, go ahead with lemon peel powder without a second thought.


Our Natural Lemon peel powder constitutes 100% pure lemon peel without added preservatives or color. We make use of only freeze-dried lemons to retain purity. It is safe for consumption or other use by people of all ages.

Natural Lemon Peel Powder M.R.P. - 220

₹220.00 Regular Price
₹165.00Sale Price

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