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Mountaineers who climbed the Himalayan mountain range during the ancient years reportedly consumed a lot of Kashmiri garlic to enhance the body's oxygen capacity, maintain proper blood circulation, prevent heart ailments, and boost energy. Kashmiri Single clove garlic or lehsun finds use in Indian Ayurvedic remedies and has given good results to people with hypertension, heart ailments, common cold, diabetes, and body pain or inflammation. 

You can consume Kashmiri garlic both in the cooked and raw form. To enjoy better health results with the intake of garlic, it is recommended to have garlic raw- crushed or minced with a spoon of milk or a glass of water. Besides, you can use garlic in any dish, dip, or sauce. Minced garlic cloves are used in pasta, sauteed vegetables, and risotto



Kashmiri garlic or lehsun comes with a golden brown and hard husk, and resembles a single clove of garlic- justifying the product name 'Kashmiri single clove garlic/lehsun'. It is characterized by its bulbous and round shape with a flattened and stiff portion on one side reaching a particular point just at the tail end of the garlic clove. The single clove Kashmiri lehsun measures about 1.5 to 4 centimeters in diameter. The garlic bulb receives the protection it requires during the harsh freezing winter in Kashmir by the hardened outer layers forming a good protective husk around it. The garlic clove underneath this protective layer comes in a creamy white to bright white color. It has a pungent, strong garlic flavor but zero acidity, unlike its other variants.  Kashmiri single clove garlic or lehsun is available throughout the year but mostly during the spring months, which is characterized as its peak season. Not known to many, the Kashmiri garlic, which is also known as the Jammu garlic or Himalayan Garlic in India, is a single-clove and rare variant of Allium sativum. It is harvested once every year at the high altitude areas of the Himalayan foothill and is popular for the array of health benefits it possesses. Compared to the commercial garlic you have in the market regularly, Kashmiri garlic is about seven times more strong and more flavourful.  Kashmiri single clove garlic/lehsun is loaded with vitamins B6, vitamin C, selenium, phosphorus, selenium, copper, and manganese. Besides, it is a good source of vitamin B1 and calcium. Kashmiri garlic also comes with essential enzymes such as alliinase and alliin, which combine to make allicin when you mince or crush the cloves. Garlic gets its strong and pungent smell upon the formation of Allicin, contributing to many health benefits. Regular intake of Kashmiri single clove garlic/lehsun helps your body fight germs, hypertension, and any type of inflammation



● Kashmiri Single clove garlic/lehsun is highly useful for boosting your body’s immunity power.

● Regularly consuming raw garlic is a good way to control your high blood pressure.

● Garlic is loaded with health properties that can work wonders to reduce your blood cholesterol levels.

● Kashmiri Single clove garlic/lehsun has all the good properties from the Himalayas mountain range and is a good remedy to keep cancer at bay.

● Garlic is loaded with antibiotic properties and can fight the common cold and cough, as well as other germs and infections.

● Intake of Kashmiri Single Clove Garlic may help prevent Dementia and Alzheimer's.

● If you are an athlete looking for natural remedies to boost your performance, start taking Kashmiri single clove garlic daily.

Premium Kashmiri Single Clove Garlic/Lehsun M.R.P. - 850 | 500gm

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