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Iranian Pistachio nuts are loaded with a number of essential nutrients and health-boosting minerals. Handpicked with care and free from harmful pesticides, these pistachios are roasted and lightly salted to enhance their flavor, making them delicious and crunchy. Essential minerals and nutrients available in Iranian pistachios include magnesium, potassium, iron, copper, and manganese. All of these are required for the growth of your body and brain. Alongside, pistachios come with low calories, which is why these nuts are good for cutting down weight.





Iranian roasted and salted pistachios are cultivated and exported from the middle eastern country Iran- which is also recognized as the land of edible pistachio nuts. The growth of these pistachios is highly subject to regional factors like the rainy winters, suitable climate, fertile soil, average cold along with long summer. Sunny days during the spring and summer offer the kernels enough time to absorb as many nutrients as possible from the soil and leaves.


It is good to know that the Iranian pistachios have enough unsaturated or healthy fats, boosting their taste and health properties. This is also one of the reasons Iranian pistachios possess high roastability. While high temperature plays an important role in releasing the smell and taste of the pistachios, it also works wonders in killing the bacteria and fungi sometimes present on the surface of the nuts. The high content of unsaturated oil makes Iranian Pistachios good for roasting at 160॰C to 180॰C as compared to the Turkish and American Pistachios.


Due to their taste, Iranian roasted and salted pistachios are preferred by both consumers and suppliers worldwide. They come with a high meat-to-shell ratio, meaning you avail yourself of enough edible kernels for the price you pay. Roasting the pistachios is an important action that doubles their taste and is a good solution to quench your dietary requirements.





●   High antioxidant properties that help neutralize free radicals result from cellular metabolism. These are the radicals having a bad effect on your heart, along with giving birth to cancer.

●   Iranian Roasted and salted pistachios help reduce bad cholesterol or LDL levels in your body. They are an amazing powerhouse of amino acids required to prevent blood vessels from clotting or clogging. In short, regular intake of Iranian pistachios improves heart health.

●   If you are presently on a diet, pistachios are a good option. Low-calorie content, high protein, along with low unsaturated and saturated fat makes it an ideal option for your meal to meet your dietary requirement along with helping in weight management. Pistachios are very good for managing weight.

●   Pistachios help to keep away macular disease. It comes with carotenoid antioxidants like Zakestine and Lutein, which help reduce the risk and damage caused by macular disease in older people.

●   Iranian pistachio is loaded with dietary fiber, making it a good choice for improving digestion.

●   They come loaded with cooper playing an important role in helping the body to absorb iron more than food. This makes it easy for the body to fight anemia and enhances the hemoglobin count and blood flow.

●   Pistachio has a great impact on the sexuality factor within men. Regular intake of 100grams of pistachio can help eliminate erectile dysfunction without any complications. 

●   Antioxidants in pistachio make it capable of reducing the glycation process, thereby keeping a check on diabetes.

●   Iranian pistachio is loaded with vitamin B6 making them the best for protecting your nerve and neurons.

●   Being a good source of vitamin B6 also makes pistachios a good option to strengthen your immune system. It can effectively keep various types of infections along with cancers away.

●       Iranian pistachios are known for their role in promoting healthy hair and skin.



Premium Iranian Roasted and Salted Pistachios - M.R.P. - 850 | 250gm

PriceFrom ₹637.50
  • ●   Iranian Roasted and Salted pistachios are grown without any artificial chemicals and GMOs, ensuring you get them in their natural form.

    ●   Grown in fertile soil, these Iranian pistachios are known for their taste, quality, and texture.

    ●   Products are delivered to the customers directly in a good package